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Personal Services

We are a truly holistic consulting and planning firm. It is our belief that one does not just have a 401(k)/retirement plan, investment accounts, home and mortgage, insurance policies, businesses, etc. What we all have is a personal economy and those items serve to make up that economy. These all must come together in a coordinated and integrated way to appropriately address all the obligations, opportunities, and threats that exist in life. There are internal and external forces working in our personal economies; forces we can control and forces we cannot; forces seen and forces unknown. Our personal economies are constantly evolving and changing. This makes planning a work in progress.


Our responsibility to our clients is to educate and lead them to become the greatest financial version of themselves. We use a macroeconomic approach based on wealth success principles. This creates financial security today while maximizing wealth protection, creation, and utilization. Our job is to make your planning as easy for you as possible. We accomplish this by focusing on five key areas:

Protection    -    Savings    -    Debt 

Distribution of Wealth    &    Transference of Wealth

President of MFC Consulting Services, Michael Ciardella is the guest speaker on the Passive Cash Flow Podcast.

Personal Insurance Services

Our planners have access to many of the top-rated carriers, ensuring you have greater choice and competitive pricing.  Your personal planning representative oversees the creation and implementation of your planning needs.

Life Insurance   Long-Term Care   Disability   Critical Illness   Personal Planning 

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